GOLD!  The taste of it, the schmell of it, the texture!


First, get buffs and do said quests during double gold days so you get quadruple plus gold!  Any gear that boosts gold helps as well.  Currently, I am earning 30% extra gold from gear.

My favorite quest for gold right now is A Leery Contract, essentially selling Unidentified 13's for up to 520,000 gold between gear, buffs, and double gold days.  I combine it with obtaining 26 Escherion's Helms at a time, as I mention in the Nulgath guide.  You must have both of those two farming pets (Crag and Bamboozle and Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (rare)) though to maximize your Diamonds of Nulgath and Unidentified 13s obtaining (and therefore gold earning) potential though.  Even with just Crag and Bamboozle though it's still fast.

The Game of Gemstones also works, although I don't like it as well, it's slower I think, and the drop rate for the gems isn't high enough in my opinion.  I use it to cap off my gold to make it at least 500k (preferably more than 1 million) above the 100 million gold cap.  If you don't wish to use AC's for Crag and Bamboozle and an IoDA for the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (rare), this may be a better option.

There are others such as Hall of Honors from battlegrounde and the Heresy guards from the Seven Circles war, but they get tedious and boring very fast.  I only did them before I discovered A Leery Contract and The Game of Gemstones, don't do them anymore.

In summary, best for:

Free players (without AC's and / or IoDA's):  Seven Circles War

Members (without AC's and / or IoDA's):  The Game of Gemstones

Spending AC's and an IoDA's:  A Leery Contract