Green = Safe to use for all ages in any amount

Yellow = Generally safe, but use in more limited amounts and probably not for children ages 0 - 11

Red = Potentially highly dangerous.  Use with extreme caution.  Not for children age 17 or younger, only for adults 18 and over.  For women, consult with physician first.

Cannabis / Marijuana (CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC)

Not all drugs that are / were illegal are bad.  This herb is almost all inclusive as a treatment for most illnesses.  It works for virtually everything!  And it's absolutely phenomenal in my experience!  Low-THC (but not no THC, you need a small amount unless you live in one of the three states it’s completely illegal) full-spectrum oils containing all cannabinoids (especially CBD, CBG, and CBN) work wonders for autism, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.  I have used it for autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, ADHD, fibromyalgia, and chronic migraine headaches.


This herb apparently works for depression, inflammation, and pain.  Ginger and black pepper enhance it.  I am just starting it so I am not sure how it works.

Oil of Peppermint

Not just for nausea and upset stomachs, this can help with anxiety as well

Pet / Emotional Support Animal

Most or all pets reduce stress and anxiety and relieve depression and add years to your life.  Cats are best, dogs second best for pets, vice-versa for emotional support animals (only because dogs are more portable).  Unless you’re allergic to one or both.  Some pets enjoy from a cage though.  I don’t recommend you try to pet a venomous snake the way you would a dog or cat, that may defeat the purpose.  Otherwise, cats add 7 - 8 years to your life, dogs 4 - 5, and all other pets 2 - 3 on average.

Gluten-free Diet

Essential for people with Celiac disease and wheat allergies obviously, but also a good idea for autism.  Some recommend dairy free as well.  If you go dairy free; my mother, my younger brother, and I are of the opinion that butter and heavy whipping cream are generally alright for all but the very most sensitive.  The problem with dairy is usually casein and lactose, of which butter and heavy whipping cream contain but a trace, they are almost 100% butterfat.  Well, more like 40% for heavy whipping cream and 85% for butter, the rest is water.  Most of what I cook for myself I admittedly buy already prepared (and I do occasionally cheat), although I do have a recipe for shrimp scampi that one of my friends and his grandmother say is to die for.  It's quite simple. It doesn't look like the picture (because I found the picture online), I don't use parsley in mine.

Shrimp scampi

Daniel W. Fiddler's Shrimp Scampi

1 pound deveined large or extra-large shrimp

1/2 stick butter

(real butter, not margarine!)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 teaspoon Slap Your Mama

(It's a Cajun or Creole seasoning containing sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder; you're not literally to slap your mother in the face in order to cook this recipe, she may not appreciate it!)

Sauté for roughly 15 minutes.

Dark Chocolate

Key word:  Dark.  Milk chocolate has a lot more sugar, and some people may be sensitive to dairy, which may defeat the purpose.  Although milk chocolate is better than nothing if you do not enjoy dark chocolate.  Improves cognitive function, in other words, focus and attention, and therefore, ADHD.

Massage Therapy

It’s not just for fibromyalgia (back, shoulder, and neck pain)!  This works for depression and anxiety as well!  Notice I am recommending a professional therapeutic massage here, not an erotic sensual massage with a happy ending, those are illegal if you compensate the masseur / masseuse for them.  Although if you choose to get one of those, that's your business.


Don’t let the thought of the needles scare you!  They barely break the skin and do not hurt at all!  And it really relieves stress and anxiety!


Have ADHD?  Ginseng works.  Especially combined with caffeine and Vitamin B-12!  Where can you easily get this combo?  Energy drinks!

Yohimbe Bark

Use with extreme caution!  Great for ADHD though, increases focus and attention like no other herb I've tried, bar none!  Erectile dysfunction too if you have that, which is generally most common in men (if you're a guy it will make you horny), I don't know very many women with that.  For much the same reason I don't know very many men with PMS, although my late maternal grandfather once complained to his doctor about that.  Severe warning: this can cause tachycardia and hypertension, and in extreme cases, heart attack and stroke, so maybe not worth the risk.  It works like a charm though, like a combo of Adderall and Viagra.

Ma Huang

Not sure if you can still get this, if you do, you may have to mail order it from China.  Use with caution.  Health food stores and vitamin shoppes pulled it from their shelves in a panic after some anorexic girls overdosed on it after not eating.  Eating beforehand with this is an absolute must, or you will get sick and maybe even die!  Otherwise, great for ADHD and even food allergies!