This page is a tribute to my late sister, who took her life April 3, 2011.  This page was dedicated on the 13th anniversary of her suicide (April 3, 2024).

Special Thanks to:

My mother

for always being there for me, for taking care of me for over 30 years (far beyond the required 18) especially when you allowed me to move in with you from Orlando, Florida (well, actually St. Cloud) to your house in Chattanooga, Tennessee (well, actually Collegedale), and most especially after I moved out of your house into my apartment with Jason and I had a water leak, for always helping me out in time of need, and saving my life from my GI bleed.  You are my #1 supporter, have always been, and I am eternally grateful for you.

My maternal grandmother

for also being there for me in time of need and indubitably saving my life from my fourth suicide attempt, I absolutely would not still be here were it not for you.  If I were a wookiee, I'd owe you a life debt.

My late sister

for being family member who empathized and understood me the best, I will always miss you and never forget you, I think about you every day, in the words of Pink Floyd, wish you were here

My aunt

for being there for me lately, and not giving up on me when most of my family had

My younger brother

even though we are at odds now, I do think about you daily, you're the only sibling I have left

My best friend Carolyn

for providing me advice and counsel, you are the wisest person I know

My second best friend Brant

for giving me hope and an incentive not to ever desire to attempt suicide again, it is because of you I am no longer suicidal.  Sure, I have occasional fleeting thoughts (part of PTSD and bipolar disorder), although I have no plans and absolutely intent, which is what matters.

My all-time favorite psychiatrist

for discovering my autism spectrum disorder, and most importantly of all, for helping me through the most difficult time of my life, my late sister's suicide