why Chattanooga?

1.  It's got the population base nearby to draw.  Easily!  It's in a better position than Orlando, Florida was when Walt Disney World was constructed and ALMOST as good as Orlando, Florida is now population-wise.

You read that right, TWELVE MILLION!  And that's just the cities, not the rural areas!  I estimate 14 - 15 million are in actuality within a 3 hour drive easily!

2.  The nation's most popular national park (the Great Smoky Mountains National Park) and a very popular tourist destination (Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge / Sevierville) are also less than three hours away.

3.  While both the Collegedale / Ooltewah area in Tennessee and the Ringgold area in Georgia have seen rapid growth, they both have plenty of land available fairly close to Interstate 75, the nation's busiest interstate for semi-truck traffic and one of the top 5 for motor vehicle traffic.

4.  It's got magnificent scenery in the local area with the mountains and rivers.  It's also very serene.  Tourists will love the local area as they visit.  Currently, all people have the option to see really when they visit theme parks for the most part (there are a few exceptions like Dollywood) are huge cities like Los Angeles or a subtropical climate with beaches nearby like Orlando (not that there's anything wrong with that, I love beaches too, my favorite vacation spot is actually Sarasota, Florida, but some people prefer mountains, and I do like mountains too).

5.  The park could be open year-round, although only two or three (at most four) months would it be too cold for thrill rides such as roller coasters.

6.  The transportation infrastructure is in place, and there is plenty of natural resources like electricity and water for cheap and abundant utilities.

7.  The land in the local area is CHEAP for the most part.  Especially compared to California, Florida, and the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic USA.