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Published on 11 April 2024 at 21:29

Been working on updates for the past several days.  Been a slow ongoing process, as my fatigue (from the combination of my PTSD, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, obstructive sleep apnea, and 7 or 8 of my 15 or 20 meds) prevents me from being able to be up for more than 8 or 9 hours a day in total, of which I devote about 4 - 6 to working on this website.  I'm surprised I'm able to function at all, lol!

Eventually, I hope it will actually produce revenue, either through affiliate marketing, donations, or both.  So far, it hasn't, although I just necroed this from near complete obscurity two weeks ago.  It showed up on Google search (page 1 in fact), but wasn't getting any hits, now it is, although only a few so far.  I am not daunted.  Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles their first year.  Now, some people drink more than that in a week by themselves, lol.

Updates this week include:

1.  Healthcare has been expanded, I have a skeleton description of illnesses I suffer from and how they affect me, but will be expanded to have more information later.

2.  Same with healthcare, a travel sub-section has been added.  A skeleton description of my three favorite vacation spots (one of them being my mother's, maternal grandmother's and late sister's) also being added, but will be expanded to have more information later.

3.  Music has been expanded, there are more songs

4.  I moved the social media links to the footer and the affiliate links to the banner, took little time but will save a shit ton of time in the future.

5.  Eye Candy has been massively expanded.  Sixty women and forty men now grace the pages!  :)  Speaking of which, it would be nice if Jackson got a Hooters and / or a Boxers, not as much for the food, for the servers.  :)  I'm afraid Jackson is too small though.  Hooters does serve Wolfchase Mall, that's an hour away, but I always go to Bahama Breeze when I'm there.  Boxers is pretty much limited to NYC apparently, at least for now.

More updates to come in the future!  :)

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