Dragon Amulet


I highly suggest you get a Dragon Amulet starting out, preferably the full account with extra 2,000 DC's for the extra $5 for $34.95.  If you can do this during a 25% or 50% bonus sale, even better!

Dragon Coins


Obtain AT LEAST the Elemental Unity Defender for $5 and whatever Dragon Coin package(s) your budget allows you to feel comfortable with, preferably during a 25% or 50% bonus sale, I HIGHLY recommend the 20k for $49.95.  The Elemental Unity Defender trinket is the best defensive trinket in the game, and one of the best overall trinkets in the game, and will serve you well throughout the game.  It is upgradeable with Defender's Medals.

Doom Knight


Doom Knight takes two years of being a Dragon Amulet holder to unlock and once you do unlock it another $65 to purchase the package, and is probably the most powerful class or one of the most powerful classes in the game, and indubitably the most versatile.   I have been a Doom Knight since its inception and I absolutely love it, it is my favorite class!  :)  There are actually two versions of Doom Knight, V1 and V2.  V1 is rare (no longer obtainable), and only available for those who had Doom Knight before they made it rare.  V2 is still available.  V1 is overpowered I will admit due to Life Carve, and is therefore locked from all but the very earliest Inn at the Edge of Time fights.  V2 is only locked out of I believe two Inn at the Edge of Time fights, all the others it is available for, and for those, V1 is also (obviously) locked out of as well.