Items worth your money


I suggest you get a one year membership with 5,000 AC's added for an extra $5 (total $62.95) and 40k AC's for $99.95 starting off, preferably during a time when there is a 50% bonus sale, so you get 60k AC's for said 40k AC's package and 11,750 AC's (I think it's 11,750, could be 18,000, although it's probably 11,750) for said membership, or 77,750 (or 78,000, whichever it is) AC's total.  There are usually three 50% bonus sales a year that last a month or two each, one in spring, one in summer ending around Labor Day, and one between a few days before Thanksgiving and a few days after New Year's Day.  So roughly a third to half the year (I'd say 40% of the year), there is a 50% bonus sale active.

First, select Infinity Titan as one of your bonus packages.  You can select two bonus packages since you purchased a one year membership and a 40k package if you took my advice since that is two items worth $9.95 or more.  Infinity Titan is indubitably the greatest among all bonus packages.  It is also one of the very few to give you a class, it gives you a very powerful and useful class that will serve you all the way to end game.  As for your second bonus package, well, whatever appeals to you, that I cannot advise you on.  I think I have six or seven (maybe eight) I have unlocked already and two more bonus packages available to me to unlock I have not unlocked yet because I have not yet decided what I desire to unlock, and I intend to make more purchases in the near future, including extending my membership another year and at least one more 40k AC package this year (I have already purchased two 40k packages this year and a 12k package either this year or late last year for Mindbreaker, yes, I'm an AC addict :) ).

Reserve AC's for the following as a MINIMUM:

Lightcaster (1,000 AC's for Evolved Lightcaster armor)

Paragon Fiend Quest Pet

Crag and Bamboozle

Drudgen the Assistant

Swindle Bilk's To Go Hut

Bounty Hunter's Drone Pet (if and when it comes around)

Undead Warrior

Use the rest on inventory, get it to at least 150 or 200

Reserve your two IDoA's from the 40k AC package for the following:

Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (rare)

Nulgath Challenge Pet

If you get a second 40k AC package, get the following with AC's:

Buy treasure chest keys and open treasure chests until you get a Dark Box and Dark Key

And with your IDoAs:

Crimzon Orb pet

Astral Orb pet

Resist the temptation to use your IDoA's on Necrotic Sword of Doom and Void Highlord...unless you get a third 40k AC package and / or Epic IDoA and bonus from it.  You can farm / grind those in due time, and you can't get badges for the IDoA ones!  NSoD is a indubitably a freakishly annoying grind, especially if you do not get Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor first (which I made sure I did), but VHL really isn't that bad, especially with the Nulgath farming pets, so I would not even waste my IDoA on it unless you wish to start the game with it and not wait until level 50+ as it is an extremely powerful class, one of the most powerful in the entire game.  Although Infinity Titan should suit you fine for now.