First and foremost, get Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor!  This will make your life a hell of a lot easier!  You're going to need a membership for this.  Even with SDKA, it took me two or three months playing 6 - 8 hours a day doing nothing but grinding for first SDKA and then NSoD.  Then again, I did it legitimately, without using a bot, if you do bot (which I don't condone), it'll be faster.  If you do other things besides grinding for this weapon, or play less than this, it'll take longer.  DO NOT, and I do mean DO NOT, attempt this with the free player quest, and I would recommend you not do this with even the member quest without SDKA.  To give you a time frame, I have not done this with the member quest, but I did the free player quest one time with 2 other people (that was enough) and it took FOUR HOURS!  The SDKA quest (Commanding Shadow Essences) takes 10 minutes...if that!  Maybe only 5 minutes!  I think it takes me 5 at level 100 with a Legion Revenant now, although let's say it takes you 10.  I imagine the member quest takes an hour or so.

Once you've obtained SDKA, do Commanding Shadow Essences until you have approximately 7,500 Void Aura (a few less, I think it's 7,380 to be exact, but go ahead and grind 7,500 for good measure, there are a handful of other quests that require Void Auras, not many, and not in this quantity).  Go ahead and get the most challenging and annoying requirement out of the way.

Now that you know you need a little under 7,500 (I believe it's 7,380), although I'm going to recommend you grind the full 7,500, let's compare time savings between the free player quest and the SDKA quest, averaging 5 void aura per turn-in:

SDKA quest:  250 hours

Free player quest:  6,000 hours

Keep in mind there are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week.  If you farm for 6 hours a day every day, it will take you to farm for the NSoD honestly (without bots) to obtain just the void auras:

With SDKA (requires membership to obtain):  42 days

As a free player:  2 years 270 days


Everything else is pretty much self-explanatory.  Just grind out the necessary resources and items.  Most of it can be soloed at level 80 or so (about the earliest you have any business trying to obtain this weapon and about the time you obtain the Burning Blade of Abezeth), what little cannot be (pretty much exclusively the Colossal Primarch, which can only be soloed by a few end-game classes like Chaos Avenger, even at level 100!) you can usually find help on Artix or Yorumi.  Iadoa (required for the 31 Chaorrupted Hourglasses) may seem like a royal pain in the ass without the Dragonoid of Hours unless you're level 95+ and have an end-game class already, but with it, you can easily make him your bitch with no problem.  Said Dragonoid of Hours blocks his most powerful attack, making him as weak and harmless as a kitten.  I think Chaorrupted Hourglass and / or Time Lord's Necronomicon have the same effect, although I will not swear by that.  Some classes at level 100 you almost don't even need one.

Now, here's my sales pitch for Artix Entertainment.  I don't get compensated to endorse them, although I know a good deal when I see one.  You can ignore me if you like, I don't give a shit.  Although if you do take my advice, you will save yourself a hell of a lot of desiring to bang your head against a brick wall.

Let's say you need a three month membership (which I highly advise you get 5,000 extra AC's for $5) to grind out the SDKA and NSoD.  Probably won't take quite that long, although go ahead and grab three months.  Is $24.95 worth saving 5,750 hours of your time?

Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.  No one is paying that little anymore. Pretty much everywhere I know of in Jackson, Tennessee (where I live) is paying a bare ass minimum of $10 an hour due to the cost of living increase due to COVID-19 and shortage of workers, many places as much as $15 or $20 an hour!  And Tennessee is one of the cheapest states in the nation as far as cost of living is concerned!  So, for a $24.95 investment in the game, you are saving what, in essence, is worth, if you were to work instead of play, $57,500...or more!  I think this sword is worth you buying from Artix Entertainment what the equivalent of a dinner at a moderately priced restaurant would be to save you grinding for ALMOST THREE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE AWAY.  I'd rather invest a little money than all that aggravation and wasted time trying to save a few bucks.

Time is the one resource you can NEVER get back.  I'd almost say IoDA it except the IoDA version does not come with a badge / achievement.  Although you can still get the IoDA version to help you grind the farmed version, especially if you desire a powerful weapon before level 80.