Initial cost to play:  FREE!

Micro-transactions?  No (everything is free, although you CAN donate if you desire to support the game)

Initial cost to play:  Free (although I highly recommend the DA for $19.95 - $34.95

Micro-transactions?  DC packages and Doom Knight

Initial cost to play:  Free (although I highly recommend becoming a member / legend)

Micro-transactions?  AC packages

Initial cost to play:  Depends on what Ubisoft is charging at the time, sometimes they offer sales

Micro-transactions?  Helix credits store

I haven't personally played it, although one of my friends and his brother have a good Youtube channel on Grand Theft Auto V Online, and another friend has another one on multiple games I highly recommend you check out!

There are other games I highly recommend, including Final Fantasy VIII and Grandia II, although I haven't played them in years, and my knowledge is not current.

The picture for SWG Legends is a limited edition collector's pin, #750 of 750 (very last one they sold), I purchased at Star Wars Weekends in 2008 when I lived in St. Cloud, Florida (suburb of Orlando).