This illness is literally a pain in the neck.  And back.  And shoulders.  And ass.  I would know, as I was diagnosed with it in 2017, although I suffered from symptoms of it long before then.

I am glad I am now seeing a massage therapist twice a month (for the past 18 months was once a month, before that was not at all except during my mid-life crisis where I admit I had massages for not just my fibromyalgia but for....other reasons, they included, well, they were erotic sensual massages with happy endings.  Now I just have legitimate massages by a licensed massage therapist.

I've seen people with both milder and more severe cases than me.  I am fortunate mine is not as severe as the most severe case I've seen, where the friend of my mother's laid in bed even more than I do (22 - 23 hours a day) because she did not want to move and was on a morphine pump!  Still, this illness is horrible, I would not wish it on my worst enemy, as it hurts like a mother fucker at times!

I am prescribed Lyrica for this.