G  O  A  L  S

#1.  Give my mother, my younger brother, my sister-in-law, my ex-sister-in-law, and my two nephews an all-expense-paid (by me) vacation to Orlando, Florida for slightly over a week including 5 days at the Walt Disney World Resort

#2.  Lose weight down to 207 pounds (ideal weight for a 6' 1" large bone framed man) so I will cease being such a fat bastard (this is not a picture of me, by the way, it's a different fat bastard, but you get the idea, lol).

#3.  Help 10,000 people, preferably through my website.  This is approximately 25% more than the population of my mother's and maternal grandmother's hometown of Lexington, Tennessee, which has a population of 7,956.